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The RegenPatch™ Patch – Just Another Viral Scam?

The RegenPatch™ Patch – Just Another Viral Scam?

If you have been on Facebook recently you have likely seen an ad for the Instant Slimming RegenPatch™ WonderPatch. Created as a Kickstarter project, this small patch received over 150 backers in its first week of launching. Their pitch, harness the power of sophoricoside conduction with innovative transdermal technology to promote weight loss, cellulite removal etc. To put it simply, they claim this is the key to getting rid of your “puffy” areas of fat retention and cellulite quickly and safely. Seemed sketchy at first but after seeing it all over the internet and I decided to give it a test…

5.3M Views, From A Company I’ve Never Heard Of:

I was quickly able to find the company behind the original Kickstarter and viral Facebook campaign. A California based health product manufacturer, Mysticform LLC. A quick search and I was able to find articles on the company, owners and their website. They were real, they had rave reviews but the only way to really know is to use it.

Time To Buy:

I ordered 60 patches in total with 20 for friends and family as they had massive bulk discounts. Delivery was quick. The box was massive compared to the size of patches but I ripped through it in seconds as I was very exited to try it out.

Actually Using:

I was nervous when I first put it on as they are slightly smaller than shown on their website. Each pad measures to roughly 10 inches which didn’t cover my whole lower abdomen. The adhesive stick quickly made up for this and I decided to go about my workday as usual. Whilst discreetly wearing under clothes.

They recommend keeping it on for roughly 6-8 hours, so I was expecting to start to feel results midday. However, it took less than 30 minutes to feel a slight burning sensation. Not a painful one but comparable to Vicks Vaporub. I felt alot more energised – probably because of the included caffeine and capsaicin. I even opted to skip lunch. Something I almost never do.

The burning feel intensified later in the day. The whole process was comparable to a long cardio workout. It was a pretty hot day so when it was time to take the patch off, under it was a fair amount of sweat. The adhesive stick meant that I faced alot of resistance when taking it off. I recommend ripping it off slowly like you would when waxing.

6 Week Update:

After using the patch for six weeks, I noticed that the cellulite around my belly was definitely reducing. What was more impressive is that I have lost around an inch total on my waist. I now use the patches on alternate days and feel alot more energised at work when I do use it.

Q – How Did You Use It?

I have seen best results using the patch alternately – one day on and one day off – for 6 to 8 hours. I have not faced an issue performing tasks with it on but it can mean sweat builds up quicker on hot days.

Q – Does It Lose Stick Quickly?

Not at all because it is non woven with a water-based glue. Think about how bandaids stick to your skin, then times the strength by ten and make it waterproof. This is my experience and it’s stickiness is fine unless you want to reuse it.

Q – Can You Sleep With It On?

While there’s nothing to state that you can’t sleep with the patch on, I would recommend wearing it when awake. Not only will activity help multiply the fat-burning effect of the patch, but it will also help you keep track of time.

Final Thoughts – Overall Rating 9.4 / 10

The Good – I can definitely understand the hype surrounding it. Actually works, discreet and with all natural ingredients. Perfect for those looking to loose weight quick and can withstand its slight burning feeling.

The Bad – Only available in a few countries. Would recommend against using while sleeping. Can be irritating when running or at gym.

Important Update – In researching, I found many counterfeit copies of the Thin mint patch. All were listed at similar prices but shipped an unsafe copy or sometimes did not ship at all – which was a complaint I saw in many forums sadly. After asking their team they confirmed the only official link available for the WonderPatch was the one below as they had not listed in stores or Amazon.

Official Link For The RegenPatch™atch

No affiliate URL tags. Their site takes a while to load.



Final Note – I have reviewed my fair share of health products. So I would consider myself experienced in how hit or miss the buying experience can be. Nonetheless, I am happy to say even with the minor complaints I had with this, I am unable to think of a compelling reason not to give it a try. What do you think? Feel free to reply below your opinion and experience with the Regenpatch Patch below.


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